April 23, 2015
Grant Renken

Hey folks, Grand is still producing a bunch of bass. The water temp is anywhere from 68-73. They water mid lake is a little stained but the bass are most defiantly there! They were eating a Hooker Custom jig pretty well still (in Green Pumpkin Orange), but that’s not what I was catching my good fish on. I was mostly catching keepers on the jig nothing to big; I ended up Texas rigging a Strike King Structure Bug paired up with a Fish Strong Tungsten 1/2 oz. weight.

I proceeded to stick with flipping docks and wasn’t getting the bites I wanted to be getting I moved off the docks for a little bit and fished some post-spawn areas. I fished big chunk rock and bluff walls anywhere to 8-10 foot with the Structure Bug and Jig that ended up paying off I caught several fish in the 3 to 4 pound range. You can still manage to pull some good fish behind the docks but it is just a little slower bite, that’s just my opinion. There are several fish that are post-spawn but if you look you could still find some bedding fish! Good fishing and tight lines!!

April 22, 2015
Matt Watson

Fishing has been good for Spoonbill with all the new water coming in on Neosho River. Spring River and Nesoho River are muddy right now making the Whitebass slow. The Whitebass have started to scatter some and are being caught around the Elk River area now.

The Crappie fishing has been going really good. I have been going down the banks throwing 1/8oz Go Go Minnow catching some and moving on to the next spot.

Catfishing has been good also in 2 to 15ft of water on cut shad using 5/0 Team Catfish hooks.

April 21, 2015
Sheldon Collings

I've taken a break from bass fishing the last couple days due to the water rising and getting dirty. With that being said I have been crappie fishing instead. Well it should be called crappie CATCHING. The crappie are absolutely on fire right now at Grand. I live around sailboat bridge and that's where I have been doing most of my fishing. The water temps have been mid to high 60's and the crappie are moving up to spawn in the back of shallow pockets 1-4 ft of water. Since the water is murking up quick, I have been throwing the 2.5 inch Crappie Kicker on a 1/16 oz head. The color of choice for me in dirty water is a chartruese or white. Today, I caught all my fish on the brown back with a chartruese body swimming it in the shallow water. All the pockets I have been fishing have been full of shad. I will wait to see a shad jump, and then I will cast the Crappie Kicker to that spot they jumped and swim it just off the botom. I am using 4 pound test line and a 6 ft medium High Stndard Carbon rod. With that setup I am able to cast further and more accurate. Why I chose the 6ft rod, is so I can cast it further and get a better hookset on the fish. Visit www.flefly.com for the products I am using.

April 21, 2015
Honey Creek Outdoors

CRAPPIE: Crappie are still on the banks and can be caught on the docks and boat slips. Reports of them being caught on jigs and minnows.

WHITE BASS: The White Bass are moving out of the river and into the main lake.

BASS: Bass fishing is doing great. A lot of site fishing is being done. They are still spawning and are up shallow.



SPOONBILL: Spoonbill are up river. Heard reports of them being caught like crazy from Conner’s Bridge to the Miami Park.

April 21, 2015
Rusty Pritchard

Hey folks!!

What a spoonbill season it has been!! We've put just over 1300 spoonbill in the boat since Thanksgiving!! We still have about 3-4 weeks left of good fishing so who knows how high this number goes before it's over!! I've been doing most of my fishing on Gibson Lake the last two months. I got the pleasure of taken out Melissa Bachman the host of Winchester's Deadly Passion on the sportsman channel. We boated 40 bills on Saturday on Gibson and on Sunday we traveled back to Grand Lake. We ran all the way up to I-44 Bridge on neosho side and the fish were stacked up right at the bridge.

Catfishing is excellent up in the shallow water right now. The Greys Ranch area would be a great place to look for bluecat right now! I would find wind blowing into a bank and throw cut shad on 5/0 Double Action Team Catfish hooks right up into the shallow water!! This is my favorite time to catch cats!! Can't beat the shallow water bite!!

Haven't heard too much on the whitebass right now. The Neosho was super dirty Sunday and I'm sure it would be a tough bite up there right now. It won't be long until they will start showing up in the Elk River arm!!

Big black male crappie have been reported being caught on the banks right at dark. I would get some Crappie Kicker jigs and find some brush located close to shore and load up on them!!
If your looking for a guided trip give me a call at 918-964-0174 and also checkout my website at www.rustypritchardoutdoors.com. If your Facebook look me up under Rusty Pritchard and follow my trips everyday!

April 21, 2015
Littlefield’s Tackle Shop

The lake has gotten slightly murky since the rain we’ve gotten.

CRAPPIE: Crappie are moving to the banks and can be caught on minnows and jigs.

WHITE BASS: The White Bass up river can be caught on silver rainbow minnows.

CATFISH: Have heard reports of small ones being caught, and that they are moving up shallow.


SPOONBILL: Heard reports that they are slaying the Spoonbill. Over the weekend the Miami park was full with people lined up along the bank, along with lots of boats out snagging Spoonbill.

April 21, 2015
Grand Lake Sports Center

The southern part of the lake is still clear, while the northern part of the lake is a little stained. Average temperature is around 64 degrees.

CRAPPIE: Still doing good. They have slowed down just a bit from the rain. Although the rain may make the spawn last longer. Selling all different kinds of bait to catch crappie.

WHITE BASS: They have started to show up in the lake moving out of the river. People have started trolling for them as well.

BASS: Bass fishing is doing great. Heard lots of incredible stories. The Bass on are the nests and doing a lot of site fishing.

CATFISH: Catfishing is doing great! Have heard of big Catfish being caught in shallow water.


SPOONBILL: Spoonbill have moved up river. Heard really good reports over the weekend over by Miami, towards the Miami park and Conner’s Bridge.

April 19, 2015
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Elevation rising, water murky. Crappie excellent on minnows and jigs at 12 ft. around docks and coves. Paddlefish good in the river channel. Largemouth bass good on Alabama rigs in the main lake. Blue catfish fair on shad in the main lake and river channel. Report submitted by Marni Loftis, game warden stationed in Delaware County.

April 19, 2015
Sheldon Collings

Bass fishing is on fire on Grand right now. Anyone can go out and catch fish on the lake. The bass are spawning in the back of shallow pockets in 1-4 ft of water. The best baits to throw at them are perch type baits, and crawdad type baits. I like to stick with a natural colored jig, and a chartreuse or white finesse worm. Water temps are still rising as summer gets closer. Its mid 60's to low 70's.

The crappie are also starting to move shallow. I've been catching a lot on a chartreuse and white tube around sailboat bridge in 4 ft of water. Good luck, and get out there before the spawn is over!

April 14, 2015
Honey Creek Outdoors

CRAPPIE: Still doing great! Catching them on the docks, and on the banks. Crappie fishing is best in the evening. Have been selling a lot of plastic baits, feather jigs, and minnows.

WHITE BASS: Still catching them in the river, but have slowed down due to it being muddy.

BASS: Still excellent! They have been caught on jerk bait, crank bait, spinner bait, and jigs. Some have been caught on nests. Still a few pre-spawn big females being caught as well.



SPOONBILL: Spoonbill are still up the river on Grand by the railroad bridge at Twin Bridges.

April 13, 2015
Grand Lake Sports Center

Water Level at 742. South lake is still clear, while the upper part of the lake is stained.

CRAPPIE: Excellent! They are being caught through out the day, but the best time to catch them is about an hour before dark. They can be caught on the bank with a bobber, minnows, plastics, and jigs. They have been caught from mid lake from Honey Creek to Elk River.

WHITE BASS: They are still being caught at Spring River, but the majority has moved down to the main lake.

CATFISH: Excellent! Have been caught in shallow and deep water, on jug lines and rod and reel.


SPOONBILL: Snagging them up river at the Twin Bridges area.

April 8, 2015
Matt Watson

Grand Lake has a lot of new water coming in right now making some fishing tough. The White Bass has been slow with the muddy water, but once it clears up it should be good.

The Catfish has been a little slow too. I think the catfish is scattered in all the flooded brush making them harder to get to. I would us worms and cut shad for bait right now. Once the river settles down the channel cats will be easy picking with the Secret 7.

Spoonbill is excellent right now around Twin Bridges area. The Spoonbill have really moved up the river with all the new water coming in. I have seen a lot snagged around the boat ramp at Twin Bridges this week.

Crappie fishing is still going good around boat docks in the back of the coves. If we get a couple of warm days I would check the banks in the evenings. I would throw a bobber with a 1/16 oz Crappie Kicker.

April 7, 2015
Honey Creek Outdoors

Water level at 743. Rivers are muddy, but down the lake is still clear.

CRAPPIE: Doing great! Catching them on the docks, and on the banks in the evening. Have been selling a lot of plastic baits, feather jigs, and minnows.

WHITE BASS: Still catching them in the river, but have slowed down due to it being muddy.

BASS: Excellent! Getting better everyday. They have been caught on jerk bait, crank bait, spinner bait, and jigs. Some have been caught on nests. Still a few pre-spawn big females being caught as well.


BELOW DAM: Below the dam is still clear. White Bass have been caught there.

SPOONBILL: Spoonbill are up the river on Grand by the railroad bridge at Twin Bridges.

April 7, 2015
Littlefield’s Tackle Shop

CRAPPIE: Doing good. In 8 to 10 feet of water towards the banks.
Catching them on minnows and jigs

WHITE BASS: The White Bass are doing up. Can be caught up river.

CATFISH: Catfish are being caught on jugs using shad as bait.



April 6, 2015
Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

Elevation above normal, water 58. Paddlefish excellent along the river channel. White bass good on Alabama rigs, small lures and jigs along creek channels and the river channel. Crappie fair on minnows and jigs around brush structure and docks. Largemouth bass good on crankbaits, jigs and rogues along coves and points. Report submitted by Kody Moore, game warden stationed in Delaware County.

April 6, 2015
Grant Renken, Special Reporter

Well folks its Spring and all us bass fisherman know what that means, time to haul the boat to the lake and have a ball catching Grand Lakes green monsters the large mouth bass! Its getting that time of year when the water temps starts to get into the 60s to 70s and once that water stays at a steady temp that’s all it takes for those bass tails to get bloody and the big females to make there way to there beds.

I decided to go out and see how the lake was producing! After the long and tough winter I can assure you that Grand has made a total 360. Bass are starting to get shallow and when I mean shallow I mean 2-5 foot of water. I decided to pick up one of my favorite jigs to throw year round on Grand, which is a Hooker Custom Lures heavy finesse jig. I was fishing mid lake and close to the dam the water temp was all the way from 58-63 degrees. All I can say is HOLD ON when you flip around docks they are nailing these jigs!! I caught many fish in the 3.5 to 5 pound range.

The bass are positioned behind the docks anywhere where there are these 3 things, chunk rock, stained water, and warm water! I have seen multiple fish starting to act like there are making or guarding beds. For the most part there are a ton of males and females hanging around in the 2-5 foot range and they are eating! Go out and try to make memories on the water make sure to take your kids fishing never to young to start them in the amazing sport that we have! Thanks for reading hope I help you guys out, tight lines.

FYI- you can get your very own Hooker Custom Lure Heavy Finesse jigs a hookercustomlures.com and please put Grant Renken in the comments that recommended you for the products. Thanks again and have a nice day!

April 6, 2015
Sheldon Collings

Grand Lake is starting to heat up as warm weather approaches. Water temps are steadily climbing into the high 50's to mid 60's. The last rain we had caused the lake to dity up some. But it hasnt realy messed with the water temp too much. The bass and crappie are wanting to move up to spawn. I'm starting to see a lot of male bass causing the banks getting ready for spawn. I'm catching most of my fish on a FishTek jig 5-10 foot of water. Most of my big fish are coming out of the mouths of spawning pockets and flats in 8-10 foot of water. Before too long the females are going to be moved up on the beds and it's going to be great fishing! Get out there while they are still shallow. You are able to catch them on pretty much anything right now. Some people are are still catching fish down by the dam on Jerkbaits and Alabama Rigs in 20 foot of water where the water temps are still low to mid 50's. But you get up towards the rivers and your hitting mid through high 60's. So you can pretty much catch fish all over the lake right now. Good luck!

April 6, 2015
Grand Lake Sports Center

Water 58 degrees. Lake Level 743. Full generation on dam. Elk River is muddy. South of the lake is still clear.

CRAPPIE: Catching fish in shallow water at Honey Creek and Shangri-La area, but in deeper water, 5 to 6 feet, near Elk River. Catching them on Go Go Minnows, Jigs, and Crappie Kickers in the blue, red, and chartreuse colors.

WHITE BASS: Using Rooster Tails, Grubs, and Go Go Minnows to catch White Bass. There was a lot of White Bass in the middle of the lake at the Lee’s Resort area.

CATFISH: Starting to catch them in shallow water using shad, night crawlers, gold fish, and perch.


SPOONBILL: Good – Have been at the park in Miami.

April 2, 2015
Jeff Williams, Special Reporter

Water 62 degrees. Lake level is nearing 741. Steady. Mainly clear. Stained to muddy in Rivers. Intermittent generation.

CRAPPIE: Good - Catching fish close to the bank on 2 in chartreuse or firecracker CRAPPIE KICKERS under a bobber and live minnows are good choices. Dock fishing is very good now if you fish the shade. Try spraying original lure flavor on your minnows for extra scent. Fish are very active in the evening.

WHITE BASS: Good - Troll 2.5 in Chartreuse go go minnows or rooster tails in Spring River North of Twin Bridges. When possible slow down and cast GO GO MINNOWS let sink and hop off bottom or reel across bottom. Look at locator and watch for schools of fish located right on the bottom. You can order Go Go Minnows at www.FleFly.com.

CATFISH: Fair. Moving shallow and ready to bite in the mud flats. Channels tearing up Sudden Impact fiber bait in shallow water. Fresh Shad or frozen shad soaked in Dead Red are working good for blues. Sailboat Bridge area is good. You can order Dead Red from www.TeamCatfish.com.

BELOW DAM: Good - Best when the dam is running water. Spoonbill, White Bass and Crappie.

SPOONBILL: Good - Heading up lake toward 3 fingers. Remember to use barbless hooks. You can order them from www.SpoonbillKing.com.

March 28, 2015
Matt Watson, Special Reporter

Fishing has been good this last week. White Bass has been going good around the Twin Bridges area but with the rain we got the last couple of days has made the water stained. This will slow the White Bass down for a while until the water clears up.

The Spoonbill at Twin Bridges has been really good lately. They have moved up into the rivers pretty good now. I have seen a lot of Spoonbill being snagged right now. The easiest way to snag one is to get up early in the morning before they start to scatter from fishing pressure.

The Catfishing has been going good in 1 to 10 ft of water using cut shad on 5/0 Team Catfish circle hooks. If you want to catch some Channel Cats now is the time in the rivers since they have current in them. Find you some log piles and anchor above them and us the Team Catfish Secret 7 it works really good.

Crappie fishing is good in and around the docks that are in back of coves. They are in pre-spawn right now and they are easy to catch. I have been using a 1/16 oz Go Go Minnow.

Bluewater Bait and Tackle, Special Report

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